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Shimojishima,Japan (SHI) Airport

Fri Aug 29, 2003 12:03 am

Does anyone know anything about this airport? I look at the photo's and all show that the plane is on a training flight. Was this airport built for training? Is there actual scheduled service there? Looks like a nice place to spot.
Can anyone help me?
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RE: Shimojishima,Japan (SHI) Airport

Fri Aug 29, 2003 4:38 am

Shimojishima is this tiny little island located in the Okinawa islands area. There is a runway (3000m) specifically built for large jetliner flight training for the Japanese airlines. JAL, ANA, JAS and the others fly in to this island and their new pilots get their actual flying in for the first time in their final stages of training.

The island itself is very small with very little population. Despite the size of the runway and the airport, there is no air service from main island of Okinawa. I believe you can only get there by boat from Miyakojima, which is another smaller island in this area. I have seen some beautiful pictures B744s, B777s, DC10s and MD11s with some views of corrals, the sunset, blue/green water and the beach etc...but I doubt these training flights run very often so you need to be careful.

These flights are mostly touch and goes, which would be really fun to watch.

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RE: Shimojishima,Japan (SHI) Airport

Fri Aug 29, 2003 6:04 am

I've been near Shimojishima airport on a daytrip to Irabu and Shimoji islands. I took a ferry from Hirara port (Miyakojima) to a port in Irabu (Shirahama I think), about 20 minutes. Irabu and Shimoji are twin islands that are connected by bridge. They are small islands with not a lot of people living on it but it seems that most of the business there is in fishing.

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I took a walk in some paths that lead to the two small ponds near the coast left of the airport. I didn't see any aircraft depart or land, although I think I saw a JAL 777 on climbout on the ferry. I might've been a JTA 767 from MMY. I did see some 767s parked out on the ramp. This airport is being used as a training center. There is no current scheduled air service to the airport, although I believe there used to be some flights on Southwest Airlines (Now JTA) or Ryukyu Air Commuter.
Very beautiful place, as was Okinawa and Miyakojima. Hopefully I can go back and maybe do some spotting there. If anyone here is more familiar on this place, I'd like to know where to spot from and how to find out when there will be some flights there if you can.
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RE: Shimojishima,Japan (SHI) Airport

Fri Aug 29, 2003 6:24 am

Here's an informative webpage about the airport and it's history.

I saw a website (in Japanese though) a while back with some spotting info for the airport. I will try to dig it up again.

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RE: Shimojishima,Japan (SHI) Airport

Sat Aug 30, 2003 5:14 am

I think you may be able to acquire further information about Shimojishma Airport if you contact "Jean" the owner of the photographs in "BH346" response to your request. I understand "Jean" is familiar with this airport. He may be able to give additional information to what you have already received. I have regular contact with him reference his photographs & he is very helpful.