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Tampa International Airport

Sat Dec 25, 1999 9:32 am

I was @ TIA today.
Its been a long time since I have been there. All the construction is done in the main terminal and it looks really nice. They have new centralized Departure and Arrival Information for all airlines in the main terminal now. Northwest has moved to Terminal A. They have new electronic signs above the entrance to the tram stations to the various airsides that are really nice. I wasnt in baggage claim though, can anyone tell me if construction is still going on there? I know they were going to update baggage claim.
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RE: Tampa International Airport

Sat Dec 25, 1999 10:36 am

They have completed the renovations to the baggage claim. They have the new electronic signs showing the airline, flight, etc.

The only new thing they are working on is connecting the red and blue baggage halls.

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RE: Tampa International Airport

Sat Dec 25, 1999 12:54 pm

Its been along time since I have been to TPA. I am glad to hear of the expansions. Are they going to add more of those trains? What year did they come in. That was a very neat idea.