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A Summary Of The "Create An Airline Slogan" Thread

Mon Sep 01, 2003 2:44 am

I wanted to share some of the wittiest entries in the recent "Create An Airline Slogan" thread. Thanks to all those who contributed. Enjoy!

Northwest Airlines Begins With "NO"
British Airway - We give ourselves too much credit.
Dragonair - Cathay Pacific's Ugly Step-sister
BWIA West Indies - Fly Air Jamaica
It has been another smash year for China Airlines!
QANTAS - We leave "U" out of it
Hooters Air lets you keep abreast good deals
Virgin Atlantic - We Give Up Our Virtues At 35,000 Feet
Virgin Atlantic - You Can Take Us Home To Meet Mom!
Delta - Like you have a choice!
AER LINGUS - Our Competitors Hate “Cunning Lingus”!
AER LINGUS - "Licking" the competition in the air!
Southwest Airlines - Because White Trash Needs To Fly, Too.
jetBlue Airways : "jetBlue. He needed the money." (THINK about it!)
Hooters- ' A breast of fresh air!'
COPA: Continentally Yours
VARIG - You can't Make Viagra without VARIG!!!!
Delta - We're in the DETAiLs!
Hooters Air - You'll Thank Us For The Mammeries!
AirTran - Go Greyhound-with-Wings And Leave The Flying To Us
AirTran - Four Million Trailer Tims and Trailer Tammys Can't Be Wrong
TWA - Trust Us, 800 is NOT Toll Free (you'll have to work hard to figure that one out)
Virgin - We'll Spread Our Wings For Anyone
Phiippine or Vietnam Airlines - We Love You Long Time!
American "I am Locutus of American, you will be assimilated"
Qantas: The outback is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!
Delta: Now more colour changes than Michael Jackson!
Air Canada: C eh? N eh? D eh?
Aeroflot - We're As Warm As Russians Can Be So Bring A Heavy Coat
Aeroflot - Western Aircraft To All Of Our Best Destinations - Lenin Forgive Us!
Aeroflot - Rising From The "Ruble"
Aeroflot - There's Nothing Cute About A Hammer And Sickle So Don't F**k With Us
Iraqi Airways - 'The safest airline in the middle east. No Incidents since 1990'

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RE: A Summary Of The "Create An Airline Slogan" Thread

Mon Sep 01, 2003 2:05 pm

Virgin: We'll spread our wings not our legs :O
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