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NorthWest Airlines Planes

Sat Dec 25, 1999 12:42 pm

There has been a lot of negative talk so far about the state of affairs with the NW fleet, particularly the DC-9's. I think it has been a gang up affair against NW and that probably is not fair. But my question is: When NorthWest accquired Republic in the early eighties, they inherited a lot of MD super 9's (MD 80's). According to an earlier post here, they have gotten rid of all of those 80's. I have also noticed that I have not seen them flying at my favorite airport where I go to plane watch. I do not understand why they would get rid of the newer planes and keep the much older ones, spending tons of money rebuilding them. It seems it would have been more economical to keep the MD 80's. and get rid of as many old DC 9's as they could. Can any one shed light on why they went that route? That is, if the earlier post was correct.

RE: NorthWest Airlines Planes

Sat Dec 25, 1999 2:39 pm

I was speaking to an A320 capt. for north west and he claims that they are not looking as bad as they used to as NW are doing work to make them look better but they are being replaced with the A320/319 and maybe some 18's.
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RE: NorthWest Airlines Planes

Sat Dec 25, 1999 2:57 pm

The -9's and 10's far outnumber the numbers of 319/320 in the fleet and hopefully it'll stay that way. I'd rather see NW resurrect the Convair CV 990 before the A318 is pressed into service.

Sorry Airbus fans, the -9's are here to stay and that means no 318's for the near future.
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RE: NorthWest Airlines Planes

Sun Dec 26, 1999 1:04 am

There were only about 8 MD-80's in Republics fleet at the time of the merger, and they were bigger than the DC-9's. They were sold off for fleet commonality reasons. There weren't enough of them.
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RE: NW MD-80's

Sun Dec 26, 1999 8:02 am

It appears that Northwest still has 5 of the MD-80's left, but that they are in storage at that old desert boneyard known as Mojave.

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