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757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sat Dec 25, 1999 5:29 pm

Hello everyone !

Recently when I was reading the Continental timetable, I was amazed to see that this airline is flying with 757s from Newark to some European destinations such as Lisbon, Birmingham, Dublin & Shannon, Glasgow.
Some Canadian Charters companies used to fly from Toronto and Montreal with 757 (Canada 3000 does).
Do you think the 757 was made to be a Transatlantic jetliner ?? Does it have to comply with criterias such as ETOPS ?
Is there any other airline doing that ?

Thanks and merry Xmas !!

Sabena - Brussels - Belgium

RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sat Dec 25, 1999 10:32 pm

I think both Britannia and Monarch operate their 757's on holiday flights to Varadero (Cuba), Isla Margarita (Venezuela) and San Jose, (Costa Rica). As for ETOPS, I think yes. I saw a CO 757 in LIS and the nose gear doors had ETOPS printed on the side, so there we are!
Merry Xmas.
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sat Dec 25, 1999 11:28 pm

Condor operated B757 from some non major German airports like Berlin or Dusseldorf to the holiday destinations Puerto Plata or Punta Cana. From the major airports Frankfurt and Munich there are only B767 to fly this routes
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sat Dec 25, 1999 11:48 pm

Canada 3000 and Air Transat both fly with 757's from Canada here to FAO on the Winter season.

Luis, Faro, Portugal
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 12:54 am

Good morning. I fly the B757 for Continental. All of
our B757 are ETOPS Qualed. The airplane does a very
nice job a the thin North Atln. Routes. We carry 75.5K
lbs. of fuel in the standard -200 for approx. 9+45 flt time
endurance, and 76.9K lbs. on mod. -200 a/c for approx.
10+10hrs endurance. We operate the a/c two pilot to
destanitions under 8+00hrs., three for flights over 8hrs.
We crew the IRO from the First officers senority list.
All F/O's are Captain Type Rated, so they occupy the
the left seat when needed. I think our loads are great to LIS, GTW,BHX,when the B767-200 arrives,I expect
to see that take some of these routes. In early 2000,
we will total 41 B757's with some option orders to be
decided soon after. Need more info please ask, thanks.
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 1:49 am

Of course, not all 757s can make such flights. The HF radios, SELCAL, and all the other systems that they need are just options.

Didn't Delta operate 757s to Europe for a time? I thought I remembered flights to Ireland, and maybe other places. But I'm not sure.

United also has about 10 757s with the optional stuff, but I don't think they've ever gone to Europe. They use those for the flights to Hawaii.

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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 2:14 am

Also BA did operate a 757 to JFK out of GLA for some time, but I don't know if that still is the case.

Why should it be so strange that some people operate 757s over the atlantic. As long as they have the necessary equipment, they can do that without any problem. If they even are ETOPS qualified, they can operate by that requirement too.

We're not surprised to see a 767 over the pond, so why should we be by a 757, that is maybe even flown by the same pilots?

Also some european charter companies did operate A320 over the pond, but I don't remember their names...
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 2:52 am

The thing that probably appeared strange to me is that a 757 is jetliner we use to see on many short-haul flights and is much smaller than a 767.

It's a bit psychologic as the 757 has only two rows of 3 seats. But I heard that Continental's 757 are Business First equiped.

May be in the short term we will see A321 on some Transatlantic flights !
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 4:17 am

Canada 3000 operates them Calgary to London. They make a stop in Greenland for fuel though.
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American 767
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 4:30 am

The Boeing 757, now nearly twently years old but still in production, was orginially designed as the replacement of the 727. But it had a range long enough, greater than that of the 727, that the FAA approved it for ETOPS flights. And the 757 shares cockpit commonality with the 767. There are quite a few airlines that operate 757's transatlantic, I beleive that American has a nonstop flight JFK-Manchester which is a 757. With maximun fuel, the range of the 757 exceeds 4000 NM.
So are we going to see the A321 on transatlantic flights? I don't think so. I don't think so because the A321 is simply a stretched A320 which has never received ETOPS approval to fly transatlantic. The A321 doesn't have a range of 4000NM does it? Many people think that the A321 is exactly the same as a 757 but it isn't true. The 757 is approved for ETOPS flights but the A321 isn't, the 757 has a greater range. As far as I know, Iberia is the only airline that operates both the 757 and the A321 and I strongly beleive that's where the pilot dispute came from. The pilot dispute was about a salary argument, I think. Of course an A321 pilot doesn't get the same salary as a 757 pilot because like I explained, the A321 is a derivative of the A320. The 757, although mainly flown on medium haul flights within Europe and within the United States, is a different airplane.

Ben Soriano
Ben Soriano
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 4:32 am

I have flown 757s on Transatlantic flights for the last 9 years, and they are very well equipped for such services. ETOPS is, of course, required by each aircraft before such operations can take place. When I flew for Monarch we flew Orlando services via Bangor, and then with Airtours I flew 75s to Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean via Bangor. Even today with 767s and A330s, the 757s supplement transatlantic services from smaller UK airports.

BA operated a 757 from Glasgow to JFK and Birmingham to JFK, although I belive these services have been ceased. Funnily enough BA operate the 767-300 on some Manchester - Heathrow shuttle services (40 minute flight time). Those are the busiest of the day, normally it is a 757.

Routes like Toronto to Manchester (Canada 3000 & Transat) and Toronto to Leeds-Bradford or Amesterdam (same carriers) are very comfortable legs for the 757.

A320/330 pilot.
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 5:36 am

Icelandair also operates the 757 on their routes to the US..
Ask why..

RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 6:07 am

The longest route I have flown on the 757 was a non-stop flight from Orlando to Manchester, with a full passenger load on an Air 2000 757 in 1993. We also has full fuel tanks but it's wasn't really much of a struggle for the plane. The flight time was 7h 41min but we had 9 Tonnes of fuel left on landing out of the 35T we took off with, so plenty of endurance left

American 767,
AA don't fly the 757 into MAN anymore. Continental killed their JFK route, both airlines flew it at the same time with 757s (CO to EWR) AA now don't fly NYC-MAN at all and Continental now fly a daily 777, so no prizes for guessing who won that battle!

Also, several airlines fly the A321 and B757. Air 2000 fly 14 757s plus 5 A321s with another 3 A321s on order. Airtours fly 6 B757s with 2 A321s and another 2 on order. Monarch fly 7 B757s and 3 A321s. While they may have similar capacities, the 757 is a much more versatile and dynamic aircraft for the charter airlines. Also, It is about 15-20 Tonnes lighter, making it cheaper to operate on routes in Europe. Also, sharing a flighdeck with the A320 allows airlines to swap capacity between seasonal bases. Formerly a base that could support a 757 in summer would only need an A320 in the winter, needing two separate sets of crews. Now an airline can have A321s in Summer and A320s in Winter, all with the same crews, maintenence personel and spares. I hope this explains why some airlines operate both the 757 and the A321, even though they are very similar, they have very different roles. Of course, the B757 is compatible with the B767s used by Air 2000 and Airtours at their major bases and so they have advantages there over the A321.

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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 6:46 am

It's funny that I often hear of people having an aversion to flying a B757 Trans-Atlantic because of the small size (being a single aisle aircraft). But at the same time, lots of U.S. airlines fly 757s transcon, which at 6 hours is about the same time it takes from the East Coast to London or Paris. And during the off-season this year TWA flew a 757 on some of the 9 hour STL-HNL runs (nonstop Eastbound; Westbound made a stop in LAX for refueling).
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 6:48 am

I remember once flying a Monarch 757 on a Manchester - Bangor - Orlando then home via the reverse route on a 757. On the way back the tailwind was such that we were able to make it back without the stop which is usually required, much to the surprise of one passenger who was so troubled he visited the flightdeck for us to reassure him that the 757 really could get all the way home. We got into Manchester 2 hours early!

In fact normally the plane could carry out the route I described above direct, but it would arrive at the destination (like Manchester or Glasgow) without a legal fuel reserve (thereby making it illegal). I always remember every once in a while we could do it without the stop!

A320/330 pilot.
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 7:17 am

Delta does not operate the 757 overseas. They fly L-1011's to Hawaii, and 763ER, 777, and MD-11 overseas.

TWA does fly the 757 overseas, to BCN, and a few other destinations from JFK.

Continental flies the 757 to LGW from CLE, and from EWR to other Europe destinations (I think Aberdeen is one of them)

No other airline flies the 757 overseas that is a US Major.

Air 2000

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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 9:14 am

CO uses the B757 on LGW,LIS,BHX,DUB,SNN,GLA, on
ETOPS routes. Our longest B757 route is the LGW to
CLE leg sched. to 9+15 block time. As I said earler
we have 10+10hrs of fuel on board. So most of the time
it can be made without the fuel stop. Our other longest
B757 route is EWR-LIM at 7+50hrs., but it a not a
required ETOPS flight.

RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 9:51 am

Air 2000 don't fly their 757s over the Atlantic anymore in regular operations, since the delivery of their 3 B767-300s and with another on the way next April this is unlikely to change - much to passengers' relief I expect!
The only Air 2000 ops in the USA involving 757s (on their own flights) will be with the 2 757s in Executive Configuration (F92) These aircraft (G-OOOX Explorer 1 and G-OOOU Explorer 2 fly luxury charters around Africa, South America, Asia and the Pacific, all for a hefty price! I doubt the passengers who fly in the aircraft (like me) in their regular Y233 config. would recognise them!

There are a couple of photos of the aircraft interiors on the airlines website @

Monarch only fly the Atlantic with 757s on rare occasions now thanks to their A330s and the DC-10-30.
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Sun Dec 26, 1999 6:47 pm

Hello all !

Note that the 757-300 is operational. Condor did a test flight with this aircraft between frankfurt/Main (FRA) and Seattle Tacoma (SEA) non-stop.

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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Mon Dec 27, 1999 3:58 am

Monarch still fly GLA-BGR-SFB-BGR-GLA twice weekly during the Summer Season on a 757-200 (last Summer it was G-MONB) to supplement the DC-10-30 which does the GLA-SFB-GLA on a weekly service. The A330s are already working flat out, but the 757s are still supplementing services from the smaller airports.

A320/330 pilot.
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Mon Dec 27, 1999 12:21 pm

Canada 3000 has been flying the 757-200 trans-Atlantic for over ten years. Out of Toronto and Mirabel to most points in Europe; out of Calgary & Edmonton to several points, via a refuelling/tech stop in Keflavik Iceland (not Greenland, I'm afraid!). Most of these routes are being taken over by the A330-200. We take delivery of our fourth in the early spring.

What hasn't been mentioned yet though is Canada 3000's operation of the 757 over Pacific routes: Vancouver to 4 different destinations in the Hawaiian chain. Also Fiji/Sydney and Rarotonga/Auckland out of Honolulu, as continuation flights from Toronto and Vancouver. To the best of my knowledge, no other operator flies the 757-200 trans-Pacific.

Again, these Pacific routes are now being handled exclusively by our A330's.

Best Regards,

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Mon Dec 27, 1999 1:55 pm

Hey Buff--

My family and I are planning on going to Rarotonga during this coming Spring. We'll be flying on United-provided passes, and can choose any airline that flies into RAR. A few questions for you:

1. You said that C3 flies the 757 to RAR, but then later on you said that the trans-Pacific flights are being handled exclusively by the 330--so--RAR does get C3's A330's in there?

2. Does the A330 have any plans to be fitted with a "business class", such as one of the Trans-Pacific 757's was?

Thanks much, Buff!

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RE: Buff

Mon Dec 27, 1999 4:10 pm

Hi There FLY777UAL! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours!

In the January 1999 season, we commenced the RAR service with the 757. Now that the service is established, it is being provided by our A330's only. They have no Club Class on the airplane - it is in the normal C-3 340 seat configuration. I believe our management believes that there is as much legroom and service on our 330 as there was in our Club Class on the 757. My personal experience as a passenger on both types confirms the 330 is as comfortable in all 47 rows as the 757 was in its 12 Club Class Rows. Once again, the 330 is in a 2/4/2 config except for the last 5 rows where it is in a 2/3/2 config. And not like what you'd expect, if you're in the center seats at the back of the airplane, it is no more noisy than in the mid-cabin.

We are allowed to sell the service between HNL and RAR as well as AKL and RAR, a first from what I'm told in the south Pacific.

I hope that doesn't sound too partisan, and that you will get opinions from "outside" sources.

Best Regards,

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RE: Buff

Mon Dec 27, 1999 5:48 pm

Hi! Weel like usual Buff LOVE his company! Well C-3 is a good comapny but it is hard to beleive that the leg room in economy class is the same than the leg room on the 757 Club Class. Well if it is, 30 inches is not comfortable for a CLUB class!!! 30 inches is the leg room of c-3 economy class on the A330-200.
A Club Class has to be at least 35 inches to be comfortable, like the MAJOR Charter company in the country has!!!

Best regards

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Comfortable For The Long Flight?

Mon Dec 27, 1999 7:53 pm

Ok. The 757 is capable of going trans-atlantic. But as a passenger, would you feel comfortable in that type of aircraft considering the size and seat pitch etc. for such a long journey?

Don't most trans-atlantic passengers prefer a roomier aircraft?
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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Tue Dec 28, 1999 1:29 am

British Airways flew a GLA-JFK 757.

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RE: 757 On Trans-atlantic Routes !

Tue Dec 28, 1999 3:54 am

The 757 in charter config is fine for an 8 hour transatlantic flight. I'm 6'1" and don't find it uncomfortable. The seat pitch isn't great but the seats tend to be of a modern design. The most uncomfortable flight I ever had was a BA 747-100 from BOS to LHR a few years ago. Legroom fine but the seats were very hard and uncomfortable, I was glad to get off that plane!
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Talk About Comfort

Tue Dec 28, 1999 5:18 am

Talk Abuot comfort: I'd rather fly a 757 transatlantic than a Tu-154 form Sofia to Bangkok. YES! Balkan used to operate 767s from Sofia, Bulgaria to Bangkok, Thailand, but they now fly the route using Tu 154Ms with 2 stops en-route. I don't mind the Tu-154 at all but for such a long flight...

They also fly Tu-154 from Sofia to Johannesburg. That's because they have an aircraft shortage, but should be getting some new planes soon.

If you don't beleive me - check out their timetable on

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