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Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Sun Dec 26, 1999 4:26 pm

I know,I know...we´ve been through this topic at least once,but did we find any true answers to the question?
I´m talkin´bout them four non marked white&grey B737-100 or 200´s parked at LAS on the ramp just besides the strip......suggestions were made that they either flew for the US Postal Service,or conducted some kind of secret goverment operation through out the Desert(Area 51 or similar)....what we do know is that they sit
there during the day and fly out during the night,just to return early in the mornings.......
Ideas&facts.....you tell me....I´m curious... 
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Sun Dec 26, 1999 5:03 pm

Those flights were operated to "Area 51" They were registrated as "Janus flight xxx." I forget the flight number. This is official and it was one of two ways for Area 51 employees to get to work. The other mode of transport involved a bus, but this was slower, more complicated, and reserved for people that refused to fly. That's about all I know, but to my knowledge is quite accurate.
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Dreeamland Flights

Sun Dec 26, 1999 9:20 pm


If you follow the above link, and then select "all Boeing Types" and then "737-100/-200", you can scroll down to see all *6* of these 737-200s registered to EC&G Special Projects.

If I told you anything more, I'd have to..... Never mind...  
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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Sun Dec 26, 1999 11:26 pm

I though they were called "Janet" flights though...
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Janet Aircraft At LAS...

Sun Dec 26, 1999 11:39 pm

The 737's are used by EC & G on contract for the US Gov't.
But you won't find a lot of info on them.
I've seen these a/c operate out of LAS as far back as 1988. I've heard the call sign 'JANET xxx' also, and I've also seen them show up and land with no ATC acknowledgement at all. Very Minimal ATC talk with these guys. A good friend of mine was in LAS and tried to take photos along the fence by the base there, and they saw him and told him to leave.
I feel 'JANET' is an acronym for 'Joint Air Network-ET' as simple as it sounds, they are used for Area 51 or Groom Lake, or whatever you want to call it. Look up this website and there is some discussion about the a/c but very little is known.(http://www.dreamlandresort.com)
A lot of people think Area 51 was closed, but after I've seen this web-page,,I don't think so. They sure spend a lot of time/and money defending a closed base!!


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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 12:11 am

Well guys,I´m in LAS at least twice/year and these birds have always puzzled me..
At one point late at night I didn´t hear any ATC comunication at all and all four of them landed within ten minutes with no landing lights on at 3.30am..
Even tried once to get them on film by the fence with a teleobjective and was kindly told to move along minding my own business by two guys in dark suits driving an old,beat up Ford Crown Victoria.(typically goverment standard issue)..
However,the mere existance of these a/c´s still puzzles me..if wanted to keep a secret,why park them so close to "the strip"and why they don´t try and cover up the operation...
Anyways,thanx for the info...some light was shedded on this by you guys.... 
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Anyone Got Any Reg #'s?

Mon Dec 27, 1999 8:04 am

Does anyone have any resgistration numbers for these aircraft? Better yet, anyone managed to shoot some pictures before the guards came? EVEN better yet (but slim chance of the happening), anyone ever flown on one?!

This info would be helpful.
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Janet A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 8:07 am

Well, Ratzz,,,I don't know how it is in Sweden,,,but in the good 'ole USA,,that is your American Tax dollars at work!
If 'they'-(meaning elements of the US Gov't and the Big Buck's of Industrialized USA) don't want you to know what's going on, you aren't going to know.
They will intimidate you, harass you and scare you until you get a 'clue'.
An obvious case is the 'Phoenix Lights' case of April 13th, 1997. Didn't hear much about it on the main stream media-ABC-CNN-CBS-NBC(locals did...) until nearly 3 months after the fact, then just before the 50th anniversary of Roswell,New Mexico, so they could tie it in to the 'fringe Element', to ridicule. If you haven't heard of the 'Phoenix Lights' event,,,look under (http://www.nuforc.com)
you'll find it. Look for the Phoenix lights report.
Like I said,,If 'they' don't want you to know what's going on...you'll never know....
Dis-information rules!!!!!!! Greed,Power, Control, Money rule America nowdays.

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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 8:10 am

An interesting note...

These are all owned by the USAF and leased to EG&G.
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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 8:18 am

...Some I have are:


look this web page

look on the left column
click on FAQ area 51
then the one below that
and then the button that says
more FAQ & photos.
there are several photos of the a/c taken from a hotel room at the 'Tropicana Resort and Casino'
you should be able to find it no problemo.

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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 8:35 am

Here's something else--maybe a coincidence?

On the link that OPNL provided, it lists those 18 737-200's that are reg.'d to the USAF, the only ones that are hushkitted are the ones being used by EG & G...

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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 8:40 am

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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 8:47 am

The plot thickens....  

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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 9:20 am

Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........

that earlier web page is:


for the phx lights story
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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 11:37 am

I typed in the registration numbers that SJC-Alien gave in one of his posts into the search in the main page and got some pictures. Just thought that I'd let you know!

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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 12:37 pm

Here are the vitals for the 5 737's that were mentioned.

20689 334 T43A (B737-200) JT8D-9A (HK) 12/20/73 U. S. AIR FORCE 72-0282 [LST EG&G AS N5175U]

20691 337 T43A (B737-200) JT8D-9A (HK) 01/31/74 U. S. AIR FORCE 72-0284 [LST EG&G AS N5294E]

20692 339 T43A (B737-200) JT8D-9A (HK) 02/19/74 U. S. AIR FORCE 72-0285 [LST EG&G AS N5176Y]

20693 340 T43A (B737-200) JT8D-9A (HK) 02/27/74 U. S. AIR FORCE 72-0286 [LST EG&G AS N5177C]

20694 343 T43A (B737-200) JT8D-9A (HK) 03/15/74 U. S. AIR FORCE 72-0287 [LST EG&G AS N5294M]

Hope this helps by the way I got this from http://www.decollage.org/airliners/737b.htm



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Mon Dec 27, 1999 1:05 pm

Of course! THe men aboard those planes are scientists who are travelling to the secret site where the extraterrestrial space craft is stored so they can continue their experiments & research on the alien bodies that were found inside the ship.

Gulp!!   Now they're gonna have to kill me!!  
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RE: Janet A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 1:18 pm

Get a grip, quit watching TV! I'll be the last to suggest that our government is lilly white, or totally open about some of the more unsavory aspects of what they engage in, but to accept your 'X-Files' inspired (perhaps created?)view of the world is just as crazy.

Frankly I don't doubt the A/C in LAS are transport into/outof a highly classified area, so what? Believe it or not, there are lots of things out there that we really are better off not having dissected in the media.

The concept of 'Bad Government Guy' has provided lots of fodder for movies and made for tv scripts, but again, its a production of a fantasy machine. Just like everything else in life, there is no black and white on this. Government isn't all bad (try living without one!) anymore than it is a blameless, pure force for good. Its made up of people, like you and me, and as a rule, tries to act for the better good, while makeing some truly spectacular screw ups, just like you and me.

Ok, I've had my say, you may all know open fire........

RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 2:30 pm

I'll agree with you that somethings are better left alone and unknown to the public at large...but your theory that government works toward the overall common good is total shite. Government works only to keep itself going following the path of least resistance toward that goal. Since it is made up of folks like you and me, that is how we work too.

Can you honestly say that your purpose in life is to improve the communal good? Same is true of all of us.

However I now know about the ghost flights of LAS which is fairly cool regardless of whatever it is they do at Area 51.


RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 3:05 pm

I remember seeing a TV program about Area 51 on British TV, where they mentioned the 737s. They supposedly tracked them and showed that they did land inside Area 51; they did show video of one of the 737s landing at the (supposedly nonexistant) airstrip inside Area 51. The film was taken from public land just within site of the airstrip, which was supposedly shortly to become part of Area 51 to ensure that nobody would be able to film the airstrip any more. They speculated that the base was being used to develop propulsion systems in cooperation with a company called SAIC, if I remember correctly.
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Where Is Vgt?

Mon Dec 27, 1999 3:27 pm

I came across an airport code for Las Vegas, Nevada, North Air Terminal: VGT. Is this a totally different airport from LAS, or is it a separate code for the north side of MacCarran?

Perhaps the mystery craft are using a separate set of radio frequencies, and technically landing at a different airport, even though the runway is the same?
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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Mon Dec 27, 1999 11:05 pm

As far as I remember EG&G recently changed its name..anyone remember to what ?
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Searrqx: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Tue Dec 28, 1999 8:29 am

In response to your notes, and this isn't threatening..
just a response, take it for what you know and have experienced......

Not all of us watch TV...some of us read.
Most of us fully know, that we'll never know what our US Gov't is up too. Most of us don't care, it seems, or it wouldn't have gotten as bad as it is. Not all Gov't is bad, but the bad ones make all the rest look bad too...

Some of don't like our tax dollars spent without knowing what the full accounting is. Though I guess we'll never know how much money is funnelled into 'Black Ops'..such as Area 51. I heard an amount of $3 BillionUS dollars -ANNUALLY-,,,that's every year, Searrqx,...that are allocated for 'Black Ops' that doesn't even have to be accounted for. $3 Billion Dollars!!!!!

I always look for the obvious, most of this stuff is right under our nose, but there are some items that need explaining.........

Tell me why the US Gov't had to expand the area around Area 51 to keep people from taking photos of the base?

What is so secret that they can't risk any film/video or observation in person?

Why is it, if you were to walk over the boundary at Area 51, and were arrested, why is it a $1,000.00US dollar fine for the first offense? AND jail time possible? The verbal harassment and not to mention use of 'deadly force' is authorized if they so wish to shoot you if you cross the boundary? YES, Searrqx,,they can shoot you for no reason if you are caught inside the boundary at Area51,,though it's never happened I've read. Well, no known cases have been reported......

Why does your Gov't, whom you pay taxes to, allow a security firm to kill you if it becomes necessary if you were to enter Area 51 boundary? Judge-Jury-Executioner..without a trial.......??

Sure,,the SR-71 and the F-117 Stealth are super secret
programs that now have been confirmed that were developed at Area 51,,,but when the F-117 was released to the public,,,it didn't really surprise me it was an advanced electronic aircraft,,,,whoop tay dooo.!!
it looked different, and all,,,,but what do they have in there now that can't be seen?

If they have a new aircraft,,,what's it really gonna do? is it that secret? Is it fast? B-o-r-i-n-g.!!! I'm sure Russia would wanna know,,,but they probably already know anyways..

I just don't think the program as it exist at Area 51 is very healthy for us. It has extended into public areas, as I feel we have lost too many freedoms already,,,,so your comment about the Gov't not being all bad, "try living without one",...may already exist!!!!!!!!!!!

I still refer to the Phoenix Lights event of March 13, 1997.........(http://www.ufocenter.com)look it up and read it..........these people all can't be lying.......

The local papers covered it,,,,but why did ABC-CNN-CBS-NBC all ignore it,,,,,untill June 1997, just before the Roswell anniversary......July 1947 ,,and they all decided to run the story on the same day? I saw it with my own eyes!!! All the network news running the same story that was 4 months old on the same day!!!!!!!!! That's very suspicious to me....but they tied it into Roswell, and moved on, very slick.....

My thoughts? they needed to run the story at the Gov't's direction, to sway the public's attention away from Phoenix Lights story, by revealing the Roswell 1947 crashed saucer story was indeed 'parachute' test dummys - 'Finally" revealed at last, by the US Airforce! You will notice, that it worked and the story went away.
Now, if you've read anything even close to Roswell, you'll know that there is no truth in this dummy story being related to Roswell 1947 at all.

All this was done to keep people from asking:
What in the "F......" was over Phoenix?

So,,,we have a grip...Searrqx,,
I think we have some very serious problems in our Gov't and the first one is trust.

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RE: Secret A/c´s At LAS...

Wed Jan 05, 2000 6:55 am

EC&G - what does that stand for?

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