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Olympic Airways Strike

Fri Sep 05, 2003 7:23 am

I'm just sending this post to strongly protest about the today's strike of flight staff of Olympic. Although I support them against the gonvernment's bad handling of the case, I really feel angry this time. Ok this strike affected me that's why I'm like that (need to leave on Friday definitely) but it's not the first time I had problems. I just believe this time was really wrong choice because you don't only use strike as an answer. Since you are being treated really well as a company (eg airport charges) despite the problems and also the gonvernment at last does something to solve that, you don't do "lefki apergia" (white strike ie say you're sick and will not work) because this will return against you from both the gonvernment and the passengers. You can see how bad that was from the fact that the programme is going to change for Friday so every passenger will travel (I read about canceling some flights and enforce others, also cut a few overseas to enforce strong routes like London). Does anyone knows something about OA270 flight from LHR ?