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Qantas Online Schedules Finally Updated

Fri Sep 05, 2003 5:21 pm


Looks like QF have finally finished updating the online schedule for the period of OCT2703 to MAR 2004. Here are some of the major changes:


*QF85/86 BNE-HKG will be re-instated with a 3xweekly service using 767s

*QF179/180 which operate from MEL to NRT will be re-instated as a daily service replacing QF21/22 which will no longer continue to MEL from SYD

*Daily B763 service from SYD-CNS-NRT-CNS-SYD replacing the 4xweekly B743 service that currently operates on the route

*The daily BNE-CNS-NRT-CNS-BNE service will be re-introduced using 763s

*B763s will replace all 737s on flights from SYD-AKL-SYD

*QF77/78 which currently operates as PER-SIN-PER will continue onto HKG as it did before the SARS outbreak this will commence in JAN04

*QF41/42 will increase from 4 to 6 flights a week

*QF63/64 SYD-JNB-SYD will increase from 4 to 5 flight a week

*Services to Rome have been suspended but Paris will get a extra flight from OCT taking the total of 3xweekly from PER and SIN

*QF51/52 will be operated by 744s instead of 743s

*QF21/22 will be operated by 743s instead of 744s

*QF3/4 will be operated by 743s instead of 763s


*The A332s will no longer be used on SYD-BNE/MEL flights these aircraft will only be used from SYD/MEL to PER while they wait to be converted to Intl config

*737s repalce 767s on flights from BNE-DRW and SYD-DRW

*717s will be used on BNE-CNS and SYD-CNS flights as well as many other holiday type routes to Glod Coast etc

*737s replace a number of 146 flights on east coast routes

*With OGV going to AO QF will no longer operate all economy 767s hence the use of 717s on more holiday type flights.

If anyone else notices any other changes feel free to add them to the list.

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RE: Qantas Online Schedules Finally Updated

Fri Sep 12, 2003 12:34 am


is there any updates as to the first routes for the A333's as these will reportedly have the new space beds when they6 are delivered from earlt next year??
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RE: Qantas Online Schedules Finally Updated

Fri Sep 12, 2003 6:03 pm

I also noticed Perth/Jakarta gets a 3rd service - with a B737. the other two will still be operated with a B767.