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OK, I might be a little out of touch here. I read somewhere in the Forum about the renovations MIA is having. I did now they were happening. But, last time I checked on Miami fiscal condition, they had just come from the brink of bankrupcy. Where the hell are they getting 5.2 billion dollars from? The county? It can't possibly be the city, they can't build a new school down there.
Also, when is the new runway supposed to open? It doesn't say anything about that in their website.
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the airport funds are generated by bonds and airport fee's no tax or public money is being used to fund this.the runway will open in 2001 they just finished all of the prelimanary work and awarded the bid to a contractor.the mia web site should be updated after y2k they have been updating it modeartely but expect the bulk of new info after y2k if you want info on the american airlines terminal go to

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