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Overnight Leases

Tue Dec 28, 1999 2:19 am

As most of us know, many airliners sit at gates/on the tarmac all night long not making money for the airline that operates them (and many aren't doing anything at all!). Is there any way for a company to lease these aircraft at that time? Say from midnight-5am. They would then be back at the starting airport ready for the airline to fly them on the morning's first routes.
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RE: Overnight Leases

Tue Dec 28, 1999 5:25 am

Well for one, when would the airlines have time to perform the required maintenance on them? Thats why a lot of us aircraft mechanics work the night shift. Repairing all the things the pilots and flight attendants find wrong during the course of the day, as well as basic maintenance checks.

And if the was stranded someplace else by another operator, it would be a nasty situation. You wouldn't believe how management and ops people scream when a bird is broke somewhere. Can you imagine if it were being operated by someone else, and the possibility of them not having the tooling or parts locally to make the required repairs to make it airworthy again?