Airlines You Never Expacted At An Airport

Sat Sep 13, 2003 3:32 pm

You know that feeling: you arrive at an (for you) exotic airport and you see airliners from airlines you never expected there. But there are also enough customers for airlines to fly to that airport.
Nothing unusual for brazilians if they see a RG in HKG - i would never expect them there. Or TK in SIN...
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RE: Airlines You Never Expacted At An Airport

Sat Sep 13, 2003 3:47 pm

If i saw other international airlines than Aeromexico or British Airways at SAN, then I'd be surprised. If you folks know the situation, you know what I'm talkin about.

As of others; honestly I do not go flying around that often and my view of the world is still kinda big. To see airlines ANYWHERE is basically a big deal; the outright of connection and capability just takes on a whole new meaning. Look how far we've come in a hundred years! Sorry about the philisophical take, it's nice sometimes.

We can literally take somebody from either poles of the Earth to the other pole, non-stop; or it'll happen in much less than a decade. It just puts a smile on my face and blows me away.

That post just triggered some kinda awe-mode, so I'm just gonna dream for a while, good night yo!
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