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First Transcon Flight - Opinions

Thu Sep 18, 2003 11:27 pm

I'm planning on taking a transcon flight from PHL to somewhere in Europe on US for a leisure trip, and I haven't decided on where to go just yet. I'm really undecided on where I would like to visit; I've thought about flying into LGW/FRA on a 333, MUC/AMS on a 762, and a couple others.

I think that the flight would be half the fun, as I've never flown internationally and domestically the largest plane I've been on was a 752. The pricing for the locations are relatively close so its a matter of destination and also the a/c that I'm taking over.

Any opinions / suggestions? I definitely enjoy the 319/320/321's that I've flown domestically, but I've heard how a lot of people enjoy the 762's.

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RE: First Transcon Flight - Opinions

Fri Sep 19, 2003 2:15 am

For comfort a 767 is good. If you wish to look outside then you might want to fly in something else. The dyhedral on the 67 is great and the view of the wing also great. It is difficult to see outside other than the wing. The 747 in first is still wonderful as is an MD-11 flight. Flying the 777 is better yet. You'll like that.

Switzerland is awesome. Wear a heavy coat. Lucern has that unique air museum. And the Swiss buildings are strictly first class. Perhaps you could buy a watch.

But then again London is good because you can see a lot and not struggle much with the language. Consider that. France and Italy are good ones too but they are sort of dirty.

Have fun flyboy.