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The Truth On US Airways

Wed Dec 29, 1999 1:27 am

What is the truth about US Airways? On one survey, done by Wichita State Univ. & The Nebraska Aviation Institute, they came dead last amongst 10 airlines, siting poor service on board, delays & cancelations, & diverted flights. However, on more recent surveys by the U.S department of Transportation, they were average or above average in some very similar categories. Many talk about how bad in shape US Airways is financially, then I read they are talking about a hub in Tampa geared towards aggresive penetration into Latin America. I have never flown US Airways. What is your take on this, & which truth is it, glitter or gloom?
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RE: The Truth On US Airways

Wed Dec 29, 1999 1:56 am

Service isn't much of an issue with me, since I usually just fly short/medium flights. But they still rank far behind United, who is my other choice on most trips.

In the last 3 years I've flown 12 different USAirways segments, and 11 were late departing (when the weather was good). Most were an hour or more late. Of course I avoid them whenever possible.

The leaders of the airline are very experienced, but IMO they don't have a very good hand on the workers. It takes a gentle touch to be able to hold all the different unions together and form a solid company. I don't think Wolf has that skill. Remember the blowup about his salary that surfaced this past year.

The new planes help improve their image, but a brand new Airbus loses its effect when it always leaves an hour late... If they're going to last they'd better shape up.
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RE: The Truth On US Airways

Wed Dec 29, 1999 2:15 am

US Airways is great. They didn't have such a great year with all the labor contract problems though. Last year, and the year before were banner years, and are the reason why US has so many awards. And as for service? Don't even compare United to US Airways.   I fly them both frequently enough to get free tickets, and I greatly prefer US except on transcons. I've rarely been delayed on US, and probably 90% or so of the delays were weather or ATC delays. When US messes up, they do a lot better than any other airline I've flown to deal with it as well.
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