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New PSA Revisited

Wed Dec 29, 1999 2:57 am

Wow! My first new thread!  

A while back, we discussed a new 737-700 showing up in California with PSA livery. I think we later determined it to be a 733. Has anyone seen anything new come of this plane? (Like has anyone seen a little US Airways logo on it somewhere?   Still searching for pictures.

Matt D
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RE: New PSA Revisited

Wed Dec 29, 1999 5:34 am

I took a so-so pic of it a few weeks ago, but I haven't had a chance to develop it yet. And since i don't have a photo scanner, I have no idea how I would get it on here...
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Matt D

Wed Dec 29, 1999 10:22 am


Take the photo to Kinkos, or any other place like Mail Boxes Etc., etc., and have them scan it to a disk. Then, pop the disk into your computer and upload away!

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Kodak PhotoCD

Wed Dec 29, 1999 1:33 pm

I know, I'm plugging this a lot lately. This has been the life saver for me if I want to put some picture on the WWW. I don't have a scanner either.  

All you do when you develop your film, just check off the box marked "Kodak PhotoCD." Kodak will scan all your pics on that roll to a CD-ROM.

- Neil Harrison

RE: New PSA Revisited

Fri Dec 31, 1999 6:17 am

Confirm a B737 in PSA colors. Are we talking about the reborn PSA (PSAZZZZ or what ever they were going to call it) that was planing to start sevice out of Long Beach???? I had not heard anything about this airline recently and thought it went the way of most proposed start-ups. What did the colors look like?? Where did you see it at??? If you want, you can send me a copy of your photo and I will scan it and post it on my web site.

Richard Silagi
Golden Gate Airliners