AF Concorde To Lhr?

Wed Dec 29, 1999 4:38 am

I have heard that an Air France Concorde is coming in to LHR tonight and leaving for JFK tomorrow. Can anyone confirm this?? If so I would be extremely grateful as I wouldn't mind going to see it tomorrow.

RE: AF Concorde To Lhr?

Wed Dec 29, 1999 11:27 pm

Yes, it did leave LHR earlier today. I was fortunate enough to see an AF concorde leave 27R and 30mins later see a BA concorde leave on the same runway! Both amazing, as always.
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Very Nice.

Thu Dec 30, 1999 10:56 am

A Air France concorde will arrive in Hong Kong tomorrow. This will be the fourth AF concorde visit to CLK and still no BA !!

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