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Justplanes Videos - My Opinion

Wed Sep 24, 2003 10:28 am


I've just finished watching a video from justplanes on Chinese airports.
I would like to know if you have the same opinion I have: their videos are a very interesting idea but the production is so bad, so amateur, graphically couldn't be worse, no legends for the flights (for example with flight number, origin, destination and more data on the airline) and most of the times the image quality is bad. Even their website seems to be done years ago.

Why are they still making videos like they used to do more than 5 years ago? We are in a new era where video production is very easy to do with a simple PC...

Why always the captain explaining the same things, electical system, nav systems, blah,, tape after tape???

If they make 30 USD per video imagine how much these guys make for 100000 videos sold (and they sell muuuuuuuch more than that).

Last but not the least: is there any alternative to Justplanes videos?
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RE: Justplanes Videos - My Opinion

Wed Sep 24, 2003 11:55 am

I happen to agree that the Justplanes videos could be better quality. I am not interested at all in the airport videos, but the world air routes series is pretty interesting.

There really is so much that the pilots can talk about, so I think that's the idea behind the world air routes, they have gone through enough detail already in the flight from the cockpit series. It does get boring and repetitive after a while.

With the world air routes, they show different images at different airports, in different aircraft, so in a sense you get more sensory delights from the world air routes.

ITVV also makes excellent cockpit videos, they go into much more detail about the aircraft, etc. They are also more expensive, but definitely worth a look. I own the Concorde double VHS tape, and I love it.
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