Will Iberia Now Keep It's 757s

Thu Dec 30, 1999 7:25 am

Since Iberia's pilots have refused to operate the airlines A320s and A321s as a single fleet and it has switched all A321 orders to A320s, will Iberia now keep it's 757s. It doesn't seem to have much choice. If you remove the family benefits of the A320/321, there isn't much reason to keep the A321 is there. It will be a small and expensive fleet to crew, and Iberia needs an aircraft to fit between the A320 and the B767.

Does anyone know why Iberia's pilots refused to operate the A320 and A321 as a single fleet?

Have any other airlines had the same problem?

I take it IB A320 pilots don't fly the A340 as well!

RE: Will Iberia Now Keep It's 757s

Thu Dec 30, 1999 7:53 am

I think the A321 was to replace the 757's on medium-haul thin routes. IB's 757's fly to North and West Africa (including the spanish colonial state of Equatorial Guinea). These destinations are what you might call "long-haulish".

Since the A321 was bought to replace 757's and their routes, the pilots want "long-haul" pay. They argue that since they will be flying the A321's on 4+hour routes, they deserve more than A320 pilots, who only fly poncy short-haul stuff like Madrid-Paris.

IB management say that the pilots for A320/A321 should be payed the same irrespective of what routes the pilots fly, since they think the A320/321 are almost the same plane.

Did you understand that? I'm not that good at explaning stuff: basically IB bosses are saying:"why the hell should we pay you more just because you're flying a plane a few metres longer in length?"
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RE:Iberia's Pilots Stupid Choice

Thu Dec 30, 1999 8:22 am

It's written in the book by now that a pilot who ever had the chance obtaining a type rating on a modern AIRBUS (A320,321,319,340,330 .. ) can fly all of them with just little further effort. Modern airlines are thus bound to organize their fleet and operation in a way to have all pilots flying all aircraft of the fleet - if they are AIRBUS. Old pay-schemes paying a pilot according to the weight or number of PAX an aircraft can carry are part of past history, new pay-schemes arise using just SENIORITY as a criterion. Modern pilots should appreciate that a modern fleet brings variations in time-on-job, destinations, working practices, avoiding boring simulator sessions.
I cannot believe that a man with that instruction and skills would not love to fly mixed fleet and short, middle and long routes all along his carreer...
The common understanding is that the IBERIA pilots association could not come along with their management on these crucial questions.
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