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UPS At Hamilton, Ontario

Thu Dec 30, 1999 2:56 pm

Hey all....

Few weeks ago I was walking with my friends..
I spotted a UPS 757-200 heading to Hamilton Int. Airport located at Hamilton, ONtario CANADA!
As it was turning for final I was pretty amazed to see that it was flying really low so I got a nice view of the 757 but it was just abit hard to see the UPS Logo hehe (it was close enough to tell that it was a 757) but anyways I rememberd that UPS built there main aircraft station in Hamilton. One day when I was in Aviation camp one of my friends called me over.. We were at the War Plane musem beside the airport I mean it is at the airport pretty much.. THe hangar door was open to the musem to let the old planes out to fly whenever its nice out.. it wasent that day but it was still open. We went to visit this musem becasue there was a thunderstorm so we couldent fly our C-150`s out hehe.
But my friend called me over.. And I had my eyes hooked on the 727 that he was infront of (i mean it was in the distance) hes like follow me we will go see it!
Im ok.. as im just looking at the UPS aircraft I never noticed the HUGE writing on the tarmac saying!
DO NOT PASS THIS LINE You ARE BRAKING THE LAW ETC.. Etc.. We were just hanging around the UPS aircraft with no one to stop us we felt it and it was sweeeetttt.. We were out there for like 15 min. than a guy from the musem was running out and hes like Hey GET BACK HERE!!! ON the way back I saw the line.. the line my friend didnt want me to see haha... But everything was fine all we said is we wanted to see the 727 and 757 aircraft. he was cool with it
Later on we played the sim .. I was the P-51 mustang in Expert mode and he was the M-192 or something trying to shoot down my B-17`s but he lost he wasent even playing in expert mode haha.. oh well
ANyone every flowen into Hamilton int. before?