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AA 737-800 Deliveries

Wed Oct 01, 2003 5:45 am

Is it possible soon that AA will slowly take delievery of the 47 remaining 737's they have on order.Just wondering because, if they are opening a new base in Dallas won't they need those extra aircraft to fill those routes or are thay just going to pull alot of them out of another base like Miami, who will be getting a fare majority of 757's.Also if their economic standing begins to start improving here soon,woundn't they also wrap that order up.Just seeing if anybody had some insight or opinions. Thanks
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RE: AA 737-800 Deliveries

Wed Oct 01, 2003 6:59 am


You keep asking the same question about the 738's over and over again.

To answer you, no AA is NOT taking ANYMORE NEW DELIVERIES UNTIL 2006.

In 2006 AA will continue with 12 738 deliveries. Even if the economy rapidly turns around AA isn't going to start accepting these aircraft. They have 20 some TW MD-80s and about a dozen 762's in storage in the desert that could be reactivated as needed.

The DFW 738 crew base and increase in 738 flying is a result of the overhaul coming to AA system. As the A300's and 757's are converted out of MRTC, they will be deployed for the most part only on traditional leisure routes. Key business routes, such as many out of DFW that are currently served by the 757 will change over to 738. As a generalization 737 and 757 flying will swap between DFW and MIA. DFW will see more 738s at the expense of 757's. MIA will see more 757's at the expense of 738's.

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