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PIA 737 Engine Vibrations

Sun Oct 05, 2003 6:50 am

Vibration in engine forces plane to land back

A Lahore-Karachi bound Boeing of PIA, Flight no: PK-305, landed back at the Lahore Airport after covering a distance of 50 kms, when the pilot found a vibration in the engine of the plane, informed the sources.
According to some other reports, one engine of the plane went out of order resulting into landing of the plane back at the departing point.

The sources further informed that even the pilot of the plane announced on microphone about the failure of the engine that panicked the passengers aboard.

But, the Civil Aviation sources, while denying the incident, maintained that there was simple vibration in the engine of the plane and the pilot preferred to get back the plane.

The plane as well as the passengers landed safely at the New Terminal of Lahore Airport.

The plane had left the Lahore Airport at 5 pm on Saturday evening.
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RE: PIA 737 Engine Vibrations

Sun Oct 05, 2003 8:42 am

PIAs B 733s were all bought in 1983 and are entering their 20th year of service and yet the Board of the airline has not issued a statement or even hinted at the possibility that these B 733s need replacement due to ageing factors.

The only thing which Ive read is in the 2002 PIA Annual report handbook which says that the airline plans on keeping all its B 733s till they complete 28 years of service and the A 313s till 2010!!! Another dumb decision by them...these B 733s need immediate replacement by 2004-05 by buying B 737-700s which are more economical and efficient to operate.

Plus their A 313s should only fly as freighters after 2005-06 as they should be replaced by more efficient planes either B 7E7 or A 332s!!! The airline is still flying around 4 of its very old AB4s!!!
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RE: PIA 737 Engine Vibrations

Sun Oct 05, 2003 1:48 pm

PIAs B 733s were all bought in 1983

All the PK B733s were inducted into the fleet between MAY 1985 and JUN 1986 and not 1983.

Again in case of the A310s, the oldest of them would be 19years old in 2010 having been inducted into the fleet in 1991 with the last in 1994. So that really does not make them very old - at least by the Subcontinental standards.

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