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MAD-MEX, Is The Route Profitable?!?

Tue Oct 07, 2003 10:07 am


I was wondering, how is Iberia or Aero Mexico that perform the MEX-MAD-MEX, and the other way around, route doing ?

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RE: MAD-MEX, Is The Route Profitable?!?

Tue Oct 07, 2003 10:15 am

Its one of the best routes for both airlines
AMX has 9 frequencies to MAD
Daily flight 001/002 with a 767 and two more flights 003/004 also operated with B767

As for Iberia they have 10x week with airbus A340-A346. The normal flight is IB6402/6403 and 3 extra flights(IB6400/6401) arriving MEX in the early morning

So this is a great route for both companies, and YES AMX needs 777's for it =)

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RE: MAD-MEX, Is The Route Profitable?!?

Tue Oct 07, 2003 2:14 pm

As MX330 said above; I think it is very profitable for both AM and IB. The later just upgraded the aircraft and now is operating some flights with the loooooong A340-600.

Also, let me remind you that a lot of traffic is withdrawn from these two airlines by US carriers, such as Continental and American, which offer similar, if not cheaper fares connecting at any of their main hubs.

Also agree with the need of the triple seven.

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RE: MAD-MEX, Is The Route Profitable?!?

Tue Oct 07, 2003 2:46 pm

That's right, the route it's very profitable.

Also IB flight origin from BCN.... the three new additional flights route BCN-MAD-MX), Mexico">MEX with A340-300 and 600.

AMX should do similar things with their route network.

If I planned AM routes I would definetly risk and open 3x a week a GDL-MX), Mexico">MEX-MAD with B767-300 without aircraft change in MX), Mexico">MEX. This would tempt more pax from GDL to fly with AM than instead of taking an AA flight from GDL to DFW. Or a CO flight to IAH. Other times the MX), Mexico">MEX-MAD would origin from MX), Mexico">MEX.

I would open 2x a week MX), Mexico">MEX-MAD with a B767-200., and a new route MX), Mexico">MEX-BCN 3x a week with a B767-200.

This would give us a strong prescense in Spain with 7 flights MX), Mexico">MEX-MAD a week with B767-300. 2x a week MX), Mexico">MEX-MTY and 3x a week MX), Mexico">MEX-BCN with B767-200. That would increase AMX's capacity.. if they don't want to bring the MD11/777 or B747.


Fly 7x a week MX), Mexico">MEX-MAD with 777/MD11.
3x a week MX), Mexico">MEX-BCN with 777.

AM should start paying more attention to other cities in Mexico, they have to realize that they are loosing all days lot's of passengers from GDL, MTY and other cities going instead with AA and CO. I once read that in one day, AM and MX are loosing 100 pax from each city going to Asia, Europe and South America... now add all the other mexican cities.... they need a stronger prescense! Also secondhand MD11 or an order/secondhand for at least 4 777s.

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