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Midway Airlines Expansion?

Fri Dec 31, 1999 8:54 am

With the delivery on Midway's new 737-700 aircraft, will they once again start flights dut West, or will they continue concentrating mostly on the East Coast? I have heard that the first few aircraft will replace F-100 service on the East Coast, but when they recieve more -700's, wi`l they expand westward? Thanks for the information.
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RE: Midway Airlines Expansion?

Fri Dec 31, 1999 11:27 am

Perhaps Midway will expand westward, although I expect them to continue expand within the range of the CRJ's at first, while upgrading to larger planes when traffic increases. I would expect Midway to ultimately replace the F-100 fleet with the 737-700. If thet go west, it would be to the usual LAX, SFO, DEN. I see increases in capacity and frequency early on. An example is seen in their activities at Hartford. Midway started service to BDL 3X daily on F100's, upgrading to 5X daily on CRJ, but in Feb., the mix of flights will be 3X on the F100, and 2X on the CRJ. So I expect frequencies to increase on existing routes as the 737 enters service first. If Midway goes with the 70 seat CRJ aircraft, I think that they will use 737's for route expansion.