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Mesa Looks To BUY ACA

Wed Oct 08, 2003 2:24 am

Well well. Nothing definate, but all of you who were "conserned" about UA in IAD with ACA's announcement had better read the article in ATW.

It just goes to show you that:

1) UAL has opitions (If you think UA isn't behind this idea your nuts)

2) Nothing is ever as clear as you think it is when the news first gets out. This LCC idea of ACA's was half baked from the moment they announced it. Many stations they list as assets on thier route network are owned by UA, not ACA. Example. ABE employee are not ACA with right to return to UA, ABE property is still LEASED BY UAL not ACA. Same with CAE, CHS, and many others. This does not include ACA stations where UA operated flights and is staffed by UA employees like PHL, PIT, JFK and others. Bottomline ACA isn't as big as it seems when all those stations are given back to UAL. Then ACA woudl have to lease thier own space and hire its own employees or contract out.

It seems now that ACA not UA painted itself into a corner. Mesa is offering a way out. They have the means to do it.
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RE: Mesa Looks To BUY ACA

Wed Oct 08, 2003 2:32 am


This is the third thread on this same topic within the last 24 hours all pretty much saying the same thing.

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RE: Mesa Looks To BUY ACA

Wed Oct 08, 2003 2:48 am

Yeah no kidding Worldperks.

I'll say it again, Mesa can't handle the operation they have now and they want to buy another company that will double their size? It will be the most delayed and cancellation plagued airline ever!
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