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SFO Spotter: Blue Angels Are Here!

Thu Oct 09, 2003 6:08 am

I know some think this is or military forum, but there are a lot of spotters here. The " Blue Angels" are parked at SFO this year. They are remote parked at plot #41 near the Super Bay Hanger. Look for them flying in and out tommorow and on Saturday and Sunday (pending weather) departing for shows over the city at 215p-245p. Happy spotting!
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RE: SFO Spotter: Blue Angels Are Here!

Thu Oct 09, 2003 7:52 am

Isn't it 'Fleet Week' in San Francisco?

I miss these shows. I need to get back up to the bay area sometime.

- Ron
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RE: SFO Spotter: Blue Angels Are Here!

Sat Oct 11, 2003 6:51 am

It's always a great time of year. I was spotting at SFO yesterday afternoon and watched as several airline operations were put on hold for a flyby and arrival of two Hornets. A UA 763, Air China 744, UA 744, SQ 777, and AS 734 were all waiting for the 28L/R que as two Hornets approached from the east.

They made a fast pass down the runway then pulled hard right out toward the bay again over the AA hangar. Less than 40 seconds later, they were lined up and made soft touchdowns on 28R.

It's been great the last two days sitting on our 36th floor patio here at work in downtown SF, enjoying the noise of unfettered jet power production over our fair city.
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