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A/C Perceptions By Type - And Self-Realization

Thu Oct 09, 2003 9:34 am

As if this was not talked about enough recently in the B737 vs. A319 discussion, I have to come clear on a topic - guilty of breaking my own rule.

On that thread: http://www.airliners.net/discussions/general_aviation/read.main/1215223/
in reply 25 I mention to someone that an airline can equip an a/c interior any way they choose, and they can therefore invalidating some claims to the Airbus vs. Boeing or other discussions.

Well, I must confess. I had disliked the DC-9 aircraft and airlines that fly them as a generalization Confused. I have been on NW (recently), DL, US and maybe other US-based carriers (way back when) DC-9 aircraft and have never cared for it (compared to Boeing 737, MD-8x, 717, A319,...).

Just this week I flew on AeroMexico and my segment was on a DC9-32 series a/c, and the aircraft had a spotless interior, IFE (though a short flight), outstanding flight crew, comfortable cabin, and a complimentary SkyTeam upgrade. It is with this that I remembered the discussions in some other post about how I don't like NW so much because of the DC9. I broke my own rule, and the long standing rule - Don't Blame Boeing or Airbus, or MD, or Canadair, or.....

Just thought I would come clean. Innocent

Muchas gracias para un vuelo bueno a AeroMexico!

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