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Allegiant Air DC-9-21

Fri Dec 31, 1999 5:19 pm

I know Allegiant Air has two planes, a DC-9-21 and a -51 model. According to a staff member they only have one plane. Did they dump the -21 (N127NK) and replace all service with the -51 (N410EA), is 127 on standby? Anybody with info please help. Thank You, Ryan

RE: Allegiant Air DC-9-21

Sat Jan 01, 2000 1:48 am

Allegiant now has 3 planes, N127NK (DC9-21), N410EA (DC9-51), and N414EA (DC9-51). The -51's are used on the LGB-LAS flights. N127NK appears to be used for charters only. I shot N127NK at SJC a couple of weeks ago on a charter from TVL. I believe they have one more ex-TWA -51 on order that they should be recieving soon.

Richard Silagi
Golden Gate Airliners

RE: Allegiant Air DC-9-21

Sat Jan 01, 2000 1:55 am

I think they leased one of them out, didn't they? Anyways, they service Long Beach, probably filling in the market that WinAir left. I'm happy to see a new airline at my favorite airport, LGB.

Jack M