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SWA To Pittsburgh?

Sat Jan 01, 2000 1:02 am

Hello! A while back(maybe a year agpo) my uncle, who works for SWA, and my grandmother who works for USAirways inPIT, were talking about SWA coming to PIT. They said that SWA had a gate in councourse D, but they neevr flew to PIT. Does SWA still have this gate? And if so, is PIT on a list of cities they plan, or are looking into, serving? I have seen SWA operate charters into PIT, but thats it.
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RE: SWA To Pittsburgh?

Sat Jan 01, 2000 1:34 am

Never heard abou a gate there on Concourse D, and I'd think they'd want/need more than one.

Something like 150 or so cities lobby SWA for service each year, and my guess is that PiT is on that last, but it's anyone's guess if/when PIT might be chosen...

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RE: SWA To Pittsburgh?

Sat Jan 01, 2000 2:34 am

I honestly doubt if SW will fly to PIT in the near future. I didn't know anything about their gate there either. I'd look for Southwest next "new-service" city to be either ATL or MSP.