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Happy New Year 2000

Sat Jan 01, 2000 2:29 pm

Since a lot of you are in different parts of the world you've probably already passed into the 2000's but here in U.S. Central Time it is still 40 minutes away at the time of this post.

Just wanted to say happy New Year.

From IAD airport in Virginia, they just passed the Y2K mark and had no problems. Some 500 planes are in the skies over the U.S. and are doing just fine.

Also, lets not forget the past years' tragedies - some very famous and some totally unknown people died in aviation this year. From Payne Stewart to JFK Jr., his wife & sister-in-law, to the 217 aboard Egyptair 990.

A mmoment of silence.....and hoping 2000 can be a safer year for all.  
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