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Boeing & Pratt & Whitney In Toronto Area

Thu Oct 16, 2003 1:07 pm

Hey all!

For all you from around Toronto, you all prolly know about the Boeing plant on Airport Road and the Pratt & Whitney Plant on the other side of the airport in Mississauga.

I'm wondering what exactly these two plants are responsible for in terms of what they manufacture. I looked on the websites and they don't have information like that specific to location.

I'd appreciate ne info i can get... thanx in advance!
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RE: Boeing & Pratt & Whitney In Toronto Area

Thu Oct 16, 2003 1:15 pm

Speedbird092, I don't know exact answers, but I do know that the Boeing plant manufactures wings for the 717, which as I'm sure you know, doesn't sell well. They used to make wings for the McDonnel Douglas aircraft, including the MD80's, MD-11's and DC-10's that I know of. I'm sure the wings for other aircraft lines were built there too.

I don't know about the Pratt & Whitney site, other than that they do have test facilities there. So I am not sure if they not only manufacture engines there (my best guess would be the PT6 engine) but I would also imagine a lot of research and development occurs there too.

Hopefully somebody else with greater knowlege will fill in the blanks.
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