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Data On Airlines That Reduced Flights For Y2K

Sun Jan 02, 2000 12:19 am

I was on call for Y2k (fortunately at home in front of my computer) so I decided to take snapshots of who was flying during the Y2k event. The data comes from Flight Explorer.

For example, for the EST (GMT -5) Y2k transition, for flights that were mostly originating or departing in USA territory, American (AAL) takes the prize for fewer flights up at that hour relative to what they normally fly at that hour (only 8%).
Surprisingly to me, Southwest also had a relatively low rate at that time (18%).

Delta (DAL) was flying at 41%, the highest of the USA majors. This was followed closely by Northwest (38%), then United (31%) and Continental (29%).

What does this mean? Who knows! But the airlines will claim dimished business because of Y2k, and now I can guess who can make the biggest claims.

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RE: Data On Airlines That Reduced Flights For Y2K

Sun Jan 02, 2000 2:22 am

Well from what we can figure out Delta had the most planes in the air, which acted in their favor, but could have easily been an ungood thing. When GMT was switched to 2000 that was the test for everyone around the world. Here in the US that would have been 5 hours before New York turned to 2000. Aircrafts clocks are set to GMT because it is a universal time that everyone can use.