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The ARJ21

Sat Oct 18, 2003 1:01 pm

Advanced Regional Jet 21 century

The ARJ21 is a conventional design which was unveiled for the first time at the Bejing Air Show 2001 as a 79- to 99-seat RJ with service entry scheduled for mid-2006. The project got its go-ahead in 2002 with first flight scheduled for 2005 with initial funding of 600 Mio US$ being released. The 0.78 Mach fast plane will be powered by the CF34-10A (18,500 lb), and has a range of 1,200 nm. Rockwell will deliver the avionics, the super-critical wing will be produced by Antonov, assembly will be supervised by AVIC I. To date three airlines have signed for 35 copies the plane:
- Shanghai Airlines 5 frames
- Shandong Airlines 10 frames
- Chinese leasing company 20 frames

Not as much to read as in the other contributions as the history is not this long. Anyone having remarks? Thanks in advance.

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RE: The ARJ21

Sat Oct 18, 2003 4:03 pm


You might be interested in checking out Flight International 09 Sep 03 edition: AVIC I awards contracts for ARJ21 work.

Following are some details:

Honeywell and Parker Hannifin to supply the regional jet's primary fly-by-wire flight control system.

Liebherr and Aircraft Braking Systems (ABSC) to provide landing gear.

General Electric engines;
Rockwell Collins avionics;
Hamilton Sundstrand power systems;
Parker Hannifin hydraulics and fuel systems;
Liebherr environmental control, bleed air and wing anti-ice systems;
Sagem cabin systems; and
Kidde Aerospace fire-protection systems.

Honeywell values its role in the programme at $200 million, based on ACAC's projections to sell 500 aircraft. Honeywell says it will develop and produce a fly-by-wire control system that requires no mechanical back up.

AVIC I's Shanghai and Xian facilities are set to begin manufacturing the first prototype in December. Shanghai will be responsible for the horizontal stabiliser and final assembly while Xian will build the wing and centre fuselage.

The first ARJ21 is scheduled to fly in mid-2006.
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