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Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 11:29 am

Just curious if anyone has ever been on a flight they thought was going to crash? I can remember a flight on a 727 from ATL to SYR this past Spring on Delta (my first and only flight on a 727), where the aircraft was making a 180 degree right turn on landing approach at what seemed to be in the vicinity of 2000 feet. It scared me half to death. We were moving so slow I thought the engines would stall.
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 11:42 am

Yes. We aborted a landing and did a go-around in a Delta 737-800 at ATL around midnight one night. It was freakish to actually see blades of grass on the ground and be right over the runway and then hear the engines rev up to full power and pull up again. What's more, the go-around took us to downtown ATL, which is not the usual flight path, so it was strange being fairly close (relatively) to buildings.

I was not a happy camper. Turned out a jet was too slow moving out of our way.
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 11:56 am

Jmets18: I wouldn't choose that topic. Interesting testimony by the way!
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 12:09 pm

Had an instructor make me pull the aircraft off the ground way too soon in a turbo seminole on a 115 degree day.... aircraft lumbered in the air and began to go out of control and sink into a ravine. I'll never forget looking into the ravine that we began to aim toward and thinking to myself "I really don't want to die right now." I pushed the turbochargers all the way forward into overboost (this plane didnt have an automatic waste gate), and lowered the nose a tad to get a little speed. She slowly recovered, but not after a pretty good fight.

Never had very much trust in that instructor after that event. As soon as I told my dad what happened, he knew exactly what she did wrong. Pretty crazy.

Jmets18: Just so you know- a "stall" in an airplane is a separation of airflow over the wing where it doesnt produce lift anymore.... not an "engine stall" like in a car. So..going slow in an airplane isn't going to make your engine "stall."
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 12:42 pm

Had my private pilot license (still a greenhorn) and landed an aircraft with an 18-knot max demonstrated crosswind component in a 26-knot gusting direct crosswind. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was going to bend the airplane, but I figured being on the ground was better than being dead. Tower issued a windshear alert right after my touchdown (it was successful by the way, but it wasn't pretty).

Dumb decision on my part, considering all the factors that could have made my day a whole lot easier.
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 1:37 pm

Flying PIA from Karachi to Rome in 1972 on one of their 707s. Approach was fine but in very murky weather as i recall. Looking out the window I thought I saw several rooftops flash by. I suddenly had the feeling that the next sensation was going to be the inevitable impact. We broke out of the murk and landed fine. I always wondered how many complaints came in from residents who had broken china and cracked plaster from a 707 flying very low on approach. I know the sound to those on the ground must've been incredible.
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 2:52 pm

Varig B763 GIG-FRA in late april (easter sunday) 2003.
Takeoff was around 11:00pm in the evening and a heavy tropical rainstorm just passed the airport. At takeoff roll there was so much mist and water out there I thought I soon would see a flameout on each engine. Our plane was booked out, so we were rather heavy. It was a scary sight to see our B763 roar down the runway fully loaded in these bad weather conditions ...

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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 3:11 pm

I was flying on AR from BUE to MEX on a 747-287 on the upper deck. About an hour out of BUE, I heard a rumble, like thunder, then the lights went off, and the plane leaned to the left and I felt my stomach go to my throat. The lights came back on again, and we made a 180 back to BUE. On the way there, the whole nummber 2 engine disintegrated, with fireworks show and all, as well as that strange thunder sound. By the time we arrive at BUE we had to circle for 2 hours, as we were too heavy to land. I never actually thought we would crash, but I had a constant flow of adrenaline. My mother, whom I was travelling with, was at the toilet at the time of the initial explosion so she heard nothing. Compunded by the fact that AR crew members did not give any emergency landing position instructions to us, the priviledge few in the upper deck, my mother was totally surprised when we touched down,just 2 hours after taking off. Nothing major happen after that.
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:00 pm

From about 110 flights I have made until now, I had only on one a feeling of we will go to crash. It was in the begin of the 90s when I have flown on a Lufthansa B 737 from Dusseldorf to Hamburg. The weather on that day was really terrible with very heavy rain and a big storm. Anyway, while trying to land in Hamburg the plane was shaking really a lot and the pilot needed 3 times before he could finally manage to touch down safely.
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:26 pm

Alitalia ~ "Super 80" MD-80 CDG-MXP about 2 wks ago, all my flights except these two have been perfect.. We were about 40 mins into the Flight and i was in Business (Free! Lucky me  Big grin) And the F/A told us that we were going to have extreme turbulence on descent. So, I lifted my window shade to see that we were about 1000 meters above ground (no where near MXP) and we were negotiating an almost 180 degree turn! I felt like we were all doomed, and then the engine made a funny noise as if it had finally had it after 50 years of Italian matinence.. Anyway, we felt a sharp incline and returned to normal height and had a successful landing at MXP.

Indian Airlines A300 B4~

Wont give the scenario.. but, sparks came out of wings when flaps were retracted and the engine almost fell off (i know!) and , well, lets just say the landing wasn't pretty  Big grin
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:35 pm

I have been lucky enough to have never had any "close calls" but back in 1993, my older sister was a passenger on this incredible ride...

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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Sun Oct 26, 2003 9:14 pm

Well, not really, but this summer I was on a Delta Flight from SLC to HLN that went through one heck of a hail and rain storm. It was really eery because the cabin lights were off and the lightning would shine light inside. I thought it was cool, but the folks near me were white-knuckling it. We didn't have any problems, but another plane had to divert at the same time.


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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Sun Oct 26, 2003 10:19 pm

I was on an SN F-50 from BRU to DUS in 1983 in which we touched down on the tarmac at the wrong airport (!), rolled a few hundred feet and then climbed very steeply back up and flew another 20 minutes before landing safely at DUS.

The FA, who was probably SN's oldest living staff member, was dispatched to ask the pilot what was wrong by a very insistent Belgian gent; she came back and informed us that the pilot had touched down only to be told by the tower that the airport "was closed," which was, of course, nonsene. That's when a British gent sitting next to me asked me if I knew what SABENA stood for. Naturally, I didn't, so he told me -

Experience -

I have flown SN frequently since and this never occurred again. I was sorry to see them go under, even if they really did have some issues...

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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Sun Oct 26, 2003 11:07 pm

Coming into Boston aboard a Delta 737. I knew we wouldn't crash once I saw that we cleared the sea wall. But prior to that I was concerned on our altitude. But it was funny seeing the pilot after, he was all sweaty and pale.

This is a favorite. I was flying a PanAm 727 down to Montego Bay, Jamaica from Boston back in 2000. I was riding jumpseat. This 727 was awesome, it had new interior and had the cool 727 winglets! Aside from the new paint job! Anyways, there were winds around 30 knots from the south. We were having problems coming in, and we received 4 red lights. So the pilot corrected and now we had 2 white, 2 red. Right before we touched ground the plane jolted sideways and we landed hard on the port side first. But we had a great pilot and he saved it. It was a great experience. I never felt as if we would crash because, I felt better being right there with the two gentlemen flying the bird.

And that's about it, a few other ones but I wasn't concerned. I haven't experienced many in the A310...Yet.  Smile
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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Mon Oct 27, 2003 2:24 am

Hello all,

...about two years ago, I was deadheading -(for those of you who don´t work in the industry, when a Flightcrew is flying as passengers to or from their assigned port of departure/arrival to their homebase, is called deadheading)-
from FRA to BRU on a LH Airbus A321.
On final approach to BRU, with the gear already down, we encountered wake turbulence from a widebody ahead of us!
We first felt a hard jolt and then the a/c made a 180 degree turn to the right and then to the left!
I was in a window seat on the right hand side and when we first turned right I could see the ground, while on the other side just the blue sky was visible and the force of the sudden turn pushed my head against the cabin wall pretty hard!
I don´t know why, but I immediately thought about USAir flight 427 which crashed in PIT while on final approach back in 1994!
I thought the flight crew will lose control, and the same fate would happen to us! Because we were so close to the ground!!!
I was seated next to a fellow flight attendant, whom I´ve just got to know at sign in that day two hours ago, and both of us immediately grabbed each others hand! (we found that quite funny afterwards)!

Thank god, a minute later we safely touched the ground in BRU!!!
I felt such a relief!!!

To be honest I was scared to death, and I bet so was everybody else on the flight!

I was never afraid of flying and I never will, but believe my I never felt this way before or after this experience!

We later left the airport for the hotel together with the operating flight crew and they told us, that indeed it´s been pretty close!

Well, to all of you who travel by air, please be safe in the skies!!!

Best regards,

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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Mon Oct 27, 2003 2:58 am

This past August, i was flying on Grupo Taca's A320 from El Salvador (SAL) to SFO. About an hour and half into the flight, we ran into some minor turbulence, and right after, the a/c just dropped for about 3 seconds, opening the overhead compartments and spilling all the drinks. It was very scary, mostly cause it was unexpected. My initial thought was Egypt Air's crash off of JFk. The captain then announced that it was a storm that hadnt been detected by the radar which surprised me, cause i would have thought it were a pocket. We flew very low after that point for a few hours, but made it to SFO safely.

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RE: Ever Thought Your Flight Was Gonna Crash?

Mon Oct 27, 2003 3:16 am

I actually was a victim of someone else's thought of crash!
Onboard an AF A340 out of Dulles,I had a seat in the middle,while there was this guy sitting by the window(not directly next the window),when he looked outside the window with a pure fear expression on his face,he even tried talking to a F/A ,so I too got afraid since the plane's been rolling for a bit & we never were airborne.I never knew what that guy had seen outside the window,maybe something on the wing..don't know.And on our descent to Paris he was scared too,looking outside the window curiously;could have a fear of flying?!

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