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Midwest Shuttle Service

Sun Jan 02, 2000 2:27 pm

There should be a midwest shuttle service. They have shuttle service in the east-lots of it Delta Shuttle, USAir Shuttle, Metrojet, and in the west too, United Shuttle. Now we want shuttle service in the midwest, with short haul flights, with no services , and cheap, fast service, connecting cities with non-stop service like Chicago-Kansas City. Omaha-Minneapolis, Duluth-St. Louis, Indianapolis-Des Moines. People in Indionapolis don't have to fly to Chicago, Minneapolis, or St. Louis Just to get to a place like Peoria. These services should be done with aircraft like the EMB-145, or Canadair RJ. We, the people of the midwest will not allow ourselves to fall behind others!!!

What do YOU think???
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