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Caravelle...still Flying?

Sun Jan 02, 2000 7:41 pm


i wonder if there still are any Caravells (or super Carevalle) in service? maybe somewhere in french-Africa? if any, do you know whcih routes?

one of the last operators was RB (Syrian Air) but they retiered their last two ones in 1997. (but still can be seen on the tarmac in DAM)

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RE: Caravelle...still Flying?

Sun Jan 02, 2000 10:16 pm

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Mon Jan 03, 2000 9:07 am

4 Caravelles are still flying in the African continent.
Gabon Express :
Caravelle 11R 3D-SEP
Caravelle 11R 3D-CNA
Waltair :
Caravelle 11 3D-AUG
Congo Government :
Caravelle III 9Q-CZZ

Maybe Waltair will fly another Caravelle in the near future.
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RE: Caravelle...still Flying?

Mon Jan 03, 2000 7:18 pm

Don´t forget the Swedish Lecaravelle club Caravelle III Which will hopefully fly in near future! I´d really like to see her flying in airshows and maybe even get a flight in her! Does anybody has any news on her progress?