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Aircraft Design - Forward Or Backward?

Sat Oct 25, 2003 2:11 am

Good day.

Well maybe not the happiest days today with the final Concorde flights coming to an end. Today we witnessed history and to all the cities who had the very fortunate pleasure of witnessing the last flights of the Concorde.

With the departure of Concorde, the supersonic passenger flight is now gone for the time being and since Concorde, no other aircraft manufacturer has been able to come up with a supersonic design to match it or even excel it. It seems that the aviation world is holding on to convential designs and not going ahead with more radical designs like the Concorde or the Sonic Cruiser for that matter.

I can say that economics obviously play a large role in aircraft design and that airlines still want slower aircraft. Do you think the aviation industry should go this route? What is your preference? Comfort vs speed? Is aircraft design remaining stagnant in that conventional designs are still being done in larger scales or moving forward?

Your thoughts....thanks.