Airforce Two

Thu Dec 31, 1998 2:31 pm

Have any of you guys seen the new "AIR FORCE 2"
it is a 757-200 in the "Air Force One" colors. At the front of the aircraft blue paint comes up from the belly. This ruines the whole paint scheme and makes the plane look ugly. I think that a 767-300 would be more appropriate for the VP of the US.

I saw the pic here:
Government Aircraft.
All Boeing.

RE: Airforce Two

Thu Dec 31, 1998 3:02 pm

I saw Air force 1 at LAX it looked trashy or I think so. It was dirty and need paint. I think the Sultan of B1runies 747 looks nicer.

RE: Airforce Two

Fri Jan 01, 1999 12:20 am

Actually the C-32??? AKA airforce 757 is a general purpose hack that is going to be used by any of the higher ups. If young Albert decided he wanted to take 747 then that plane would be airforce two. The same applies if he decided to to take a hop in a Aeronica C-2 for some reason.

I haven't seen the color scheme in person but I really don't find the basic scheme that bad.

I just thought of a good hypothetical situation. I am going to post it on it's own thread.
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RE: Airforce Two, look here

Fri Jan 01, 1999 3:23 am

Is this plane? reg. 80001

I saw it in FAO 9/98
Mirage, Faro, Portugal

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