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PIAs 6 Extra A 310-300s

Tue Oct 28, 2003 2:50 pm

Just read on that PIA-Pakistan Intl Airlines has confirmed the lease for 10 years of 6 used A 310-300s from AIRBUS.

4 aircraft are ex Air Jamaica A 310-300s whilst the other 2 are ex AEROFLOT A 310-300s.

As you all know SU is gradually retiring its entire B 772 and A 313 fleet and concentrating solely on the B 763ER as the main stay of its long haul flights.

Air Jamaica on the other hand now has A 343s for its long haul which replaced their A 310s and A 300s a few years ago.

PIA has said that 2 of these aircraft would be converted into freighters...when I dont know!!!