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Just Back - Happy New Year To All!

Mon Jan 03, 2000 9:35 pm

Hi all,
well, here I am, much fatter after a happy Christmas back home with family and friends in Dublin. I got in Jersey at about 11.40 on a Fokker 100 - lovely aircraft and jump seat for landing. Coming into Jersey is quite fascinating, as the island's only 9 miles long and we flew a twelve mile final, so we could see the whole of the island, and the runway (27) at the far end. Two very pleasant captains and good service.

I had chosen to fly through East Midlands (near Nottingham in the UK) to try the Fokker 100, which I got - and the EMB145. Unfortunately, fate frustrated my efforts. The flight to Dublin was changed, as the connection no longer worked, which was why I got the A321 to DUB from LHR. This morning, I arrived out early and was disappointed to find that the BD 304 to EMA was being operated by an F100 too. Aaargh! Still, BD was very good - and the F100! What a quiet airplane. Granted, I was near the front, 4 and 5F, on the two flights respectively, but nonetheless, it was a very quiet plane and the service was good.

Would I fly them again? Yes, but I like to experiment and with our own Aer Lingus starting its Gatwick service (from today, at 07.55!), I will try that - and also London City, during the Summer. Anyway, good to be back and hope you all had a good Christmas!
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RE: Just Back - Happy New Year To All!

Mon Jan 03, 2000 9:47 pm

Thanks for the wishes, same to you!
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RE: Just Back - Happy New Year To All!

Tue Jan 04, 2000 12:55 am


I wish the same to you and a lot of messages in the forum. I fell in love with airliners.net and cant stop uploading photos! My wife is already upset due to my hours being connected to internet, and so on.

I flew on a Emb-145 from BCN to LIS and it is a nice plane. A little bit small (1-2) but the service was very good (Portugalia) and the view onto a developing thunderstorn awesome.

I made some pics in LIS I will upload during the next days...