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Engine 'flames'

Tue Jan 04, 2000 7:24 pm

On my flight from DFW to Frankfurt, Germany, I have noticed a bright blue flame inside the engine (I was sitting almost in the back of an A340-300 at night).

Have anyone else seen this flame or was it just my imagination?  


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RE: Engine 'flames'

Tue Jan 04, 2000 8:39 pm

Flames are not something you see everyday, but are not neccessarily anything to worry about. It could have simply seen excess fuel/fumes being ignited in a hot tailpipe. Not sure about the fact that they were blue and what that means though. Any engineers out there?

RE: Engine 'flames'

Tue Jan 04, 2000 9:51 pm

Could it have just been the hot gagses from the combustion chamber? I flew a Virgin 747-2 MCO-LGW and saw a constant read glow coming from one of the engines. It was dark at the time and I was sitting behind the wing. I dont know if maybe you saw the same thing?
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Ive Seen!

Wed Jan 05, 2000 12:33 am

ya Ive seen .
But not blue but light red..
Out of the engine at night from a EL AL Boeing 747-200
It was a very light red colour and it was around the cone of the outside of the engine!
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CFM Tailpipe Glow

Wed Jan 05, 2000 1:49 am

Hi Everybody, Buzz here. Yes, i recall noticing a light blue glow in the tailpipe of our CFM powered DC-8's. I think the A340 has CFM engines.....
The Blue glow is from the near-perfect fuel burn, an orange glow on some of the other engines is hot engine parts. Some engines are made to run hotter than others, it's an efficiency thing.
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RE: Engine 'flames'

Wed Jan 05, 2000 2:28 am

Yeah it's normal,it's just not noticeable during the day,and at night you still have to be more or less directly behind it to see it. It's real obvious on the CFM 56's. When we still had F28's,I remember at night you could see the lightoff at engine start and watch the flame propagate from the two igniter equipped burner cans and spread circumfrentially around the engine to the other cans. Since the Spey had about as much thrust as horse passing wind (   ),you could still be fairly close to the rear at lightoff without becoming tumbleweed. You could also hear the flame as it propagates as a series of short rumbles. The Tay's do this too. Ya gotta love it.

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