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Baltia Air Lines

Wed Nov 05, 2003 3:20 am

Is this Air Atlanta or a totally different company Baltia is dealing with? I can remember back in the early 1990s, Baltia advertising flights to Russian with 767-200ERs. They have successfully become a publicly-traded company, but have yet to start service.

Baltia Air Lines in Discussions to Lease a Boeing 747
Tuesday October 14, 5:00 am ET

NEW YORK, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Baltia Air Lines is in current discussions for dry leasing a Boeing 747 from Icelandic Aircraft Management. Aircraft is to be delivered fresh from check C in a three class seating configuration.
Baltia Air Lines is a US startup airline proposing to operate between JFK New York and Russia and from JFK, New York to the Baltic region.

The start of service is planned for the first half of 2004 with one B747 operating nonstop from JFK to St. Petersburg, Russia. There is currently no nonstop service from the US to St. Petersburg. Baltia's nonstop flight is estimated to be 7-1/2 hours of flying time, as compared to stopover flights by foreign airlines taking up to 14-18 hours flying time.

Baltia Air Lines was formed to take passengers and cargo from the US to Russia. It has recruited an experienced team with over 100 years of flight and airline management experience. Baltia believes that there is a significant untapped market for passengers to fly nonstop from JFK New York to St Petersburg and to other cities within Russia and the Baltic region. To learn more about Baltia please visit the Baltia website at
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RE: Baltia Air Lines

Wed Nov 05, 2003 4:04 am

These guys have tried to get in the air several times. Don't see why they'll have any more 'luck' this time ....

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