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Electra Question

Wed Jan 05, 2000 3:36 am

Here's a question some older readers may know. On the Electra(L188) the last three cabin windows are very close together. Were there passenger seats at these windows or was it a galley area? Thanks, Chris
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RE: Electra Question

Wed Jan 05, 2000 5:58 am

It was a lounge area. Basically, there were sofas mounted sideways along the cabin sidewall, on both sides of the cabin. Since the fuselage was tapered, they made something of a V shape -- very intimate. When the L188 was used for two-class service, it served as a lounge for F class pax, who occupied seats in the area right behind the galley. Later, as more of them became all-coach, the rear lounge could be occupied by anyone, and if they were fitted with shoulder harnesses, could be occupied at takeoff and landing. I did just that on an Air California L188 from Tahoe to SFO.
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RE: Electra Question

Wed Jan 05, 2000 6:02 am

Air California? There are Electras still in passenger service? Wow! Are there any other airlines that still have them in pax service?
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RE: Electra Question

Wed Jan 05, 2000 7:09 am

Hi Chris. Like my older brother CV880 said infact those 3 windows were a lounge area, but the interesting thing is that not all the airlines ordered that item in their L188 I know at least 2 airlines that ordered the plane from the factory that didn't have that lounge, they were KLM and Garuda. Another interesting thing that you might not know but you can check it out is that KLM was the only airline to order their L188 with Hamilton Standard propelers ( round tips like the P-3 Orion ) I don't know why they did that but they were the only ones!
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