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Interesting Sights At Dubai Today

Wed Nov 05, 2003 10:36 pm

Passed through DXB on my way to DOH today and saw some interesting things -

Atlas Air B747-329 N24837 c/n 24837
Parked at the Emirates cargo area with its nose wheel collapsed. Looked like it was politely bowing! No sign of major damage, but I couldn't really get very close. Some heavy lifting gear in close attendance. Thought I might have a chance of getting a photo as we would taxi past it to takeoff - then they changed runways  Sad

Loads of Russians!
Don't know if there's some big Russian get together in Dubai at the moment, but there were the following Russian a/c (various airlines, some I couldn't make out because of the heat haze, UtAir, Samara, Pulkovo, Aeroflot)
1 x Tu134
2 x Il-62
2 x Il-86
8 x Tu154 (most Tu154s I've ever seen in one place)

Emirates A340-500 A6-ERB
Landed and taxied past the terminal. Don't know if it was a scheduled flight, or some kind of check-out. I think this is the best looking A340.

All in all, an interesting transit!  Laugh out loud
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