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Cessnas In Commercial Use?

Wed Jan 05, 2000 5:35 am

I know that other than executive charters and Fed Ex's Carivans, there arent many Commercial operations with Cessnas. I spent some time around a few Cessna Citation I's and Citation II's this weekend and was wondering if Cessna though of trying their hand in the (recently hot) regional jet market? I know they would need to make the aircraft itself a little larger but from what I see the newer Cessna X look big farely large enough maybe to carry 19 or so people. Or do you think that market is already satuarted with regional jet makers? Any comments would be appreciated.

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RE: Cessnas In Commercial Use?

Wed Jan 05, 2000 5:50 am


I think the Cessnas are only designed for business jet use (except for the caravans and the small ones like the 172). It is quite unlikely that they make it into a regionaljet and call it CeRJ500 or so. Before Fairchild took over Dornier the latter thought about developing the Do328 (30 seats) into a 50 seating jet. But they came to the conclusion that the market segment was already too crowded with the CRJ100/200 and ERJ-145. So they started withthe 70 seaters, and have the 928JET (90 seats) and the 528JET as project. They say that the development of these three jets costs about 1.2 billlion US-$ and I think that it is ulikely that Cessna can or is willing to invest soo much money in a quite crowded market with more than five manufactures (BAe Avro, ATR, Embraer, Bombardier, Fairchild, LET, Ilyushin, Antonov, IPTN). And please don´t forget that they need airlines as customers and they need a lot of them. Just my 10 cents.

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RE: Cessnas In Commercial Use?

Wed Jan 05, 2000 6:12 am

I doubt that Cessna plans to enter the RJ market, but I know that some small scheduled carriers fly some, mostly 206's, but I think there may be a few smaller Cessna singles flying for airlines up in Alaska. Hope this helps...
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