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New Safety Law In Germany

Thu Nov 06, 2003 7:05 pm

Papers announced today: a new law for aviaiton safety has been made by government.

Main points:
-stricter saftey checks for staff, including flying as well as celaning and ground staff
-procedures in case of hijacked planes (terrorism), including authority to send fighters to force the plane to land, if necessary also to shoot. Auhority is with the minister of defense.

Consequences: airport managers think loudly about raising take-off and landing fees to get rid of the extra costs (FRA alone would need 500 more employees in 86 different places - annual costs approx. 55mio...). This could lead to rising ticket prices, when the airlines decide to get rid of the extra costs this way.
This also means, that, also see past topics about joking pilots, that flaying staff should not start stupid jokes if they want to become friends with safety staff...

The cockpit law will also be valid in some days...

BTW, congratulations to our politicians. On the very day, Financial Times of Germany announces an upswing in German economy, the same paper shows several acts by the government, which would either slow down or even stop many parts of economy...well done...

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