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Fri Jan 01, 1999 1:28 am

how is continental airlines international onboard service? i have heard food id good and that food is horrible. i have heard that the planes are dirty ive heard the planes are clean and have nice interiors. what do you think of hte economy class on the dc-10? i am considering flying continental on an international flight. please give me detailed information on their international onboard service. thank you very much.
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Fri Jan 01, 1999 4:09 am

I took a Continental DC-10 from Paris to Newark three years ago. It was great. The DC-10 was old, but impressively clean on the inside. The service was good, and the food was not as good as the British Airways food, but still tasty. When no movies were playing, the movie screen displayed a map of the Atlantic and a marker that showed where we were at the time. It also displayed the route that we followed and other data like our altitude and speed.
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Fri Jan 01, 1999 4:49 am

Well 767-300ER I haven't flown on Continental for years. I don't think their service nowadays could compare to the opulence of their First Class service I experienced with them back in 1971 from ORD to HNL on board one of their sparkling new 747s.
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Fri Jan 01, 1999 6:02 am

I haven't flown Continental Internationaly
but I have flown on them from Huston
to Orange County and the service was
great, plane was clean and the food was
good too!

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