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Continental 747 In HNL

Wed Jan 05, 2000 7:25 am

Hello again,

I took a photo of a Continental 747-200 in HNL in August '92. The reg. was N78020.

Unfortunatelly I couldn't find this reg in any of my airline-fleet-lists!

Anybody knows the history, actual location of this Jumbo? And how long it was in service with Continental?

Thanks for your help.
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RE: Continental 747 In HNL

Wed Jan 05, 2000 8:39 am

The 747 you asked about, s/n 19731, was origionally delivered to Alitalia 3/30/71 as I-DEMO. It was bought by Boeing Equiptment Holding Corp and registered as N357AS. Cargolux leased 8/17/83, Kabo Air sub-leased 8/83. It was returned to Boeing 10/28/83. Re-registered as N604PE and leased to People Express. People Express bought 3/29/85. Intergrated Aircraft Corp bought 3/4/86. People Express leased 3/4/86. Continental Airlines merged, 1/2/87. Citicorp Leasing bought 12/15/88. N78020, Continental Airlines re-registered 3/91. Removed from use and stored McCarran Field, Las Vegas, NV. 3/93. It was returned to Citicorp Leasing 5/1/93. Hull 753 Corp. reposesed 9/20/93. AAR Engine Group Inc. bought 10/19/95. Broken up 11/95