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ATC twr evacuated

Fri Jan 01, 1999 3:51 am

Hey guys, does anyone know of a ATC tower being evacuated?

Well, this morning we have such a bad weather that the ATC controllers had to leave the tower. It was due to 70kts gusting winds and a window was in danger of breaking and injuring the controllers. Ofcourse the airport was closed and traffic divert to SVQ.

Mirage, Faro, Portugal

RE: Airforce II

Fri Jan 01, 1999 6:06 am

Thats a Roger, Thats it that is the monster! the blue nose ruins the whole paint scheme. Aside from that Though great pic I love seeing a landing bird!!
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NYC Int'l

Fri Jan 01, 1999 6:37 am

Thanks, I didn't know it was the AirForce Two when I took the photo. Have a great 1999.

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