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Airline Radio

Thu Jan 06, 2000 2:02 am

When I was flying with Cont. airlines this year from Tel Aviv in the 777-200 I was listening to some radio. The radio was different than EL AL`s radio thats forsure!
Cont. Airlines had there own Radio broadcasting.. EL AL has it all recorded on tape or something and its not even radio its just like off the tape. Some of the music is good I kinda admit.. Samething goes for Cont. airlines but they played annoying music that I heard all summer and I was getting sick of it.
On EL AL they have different channels and every channel has different music. Which was kinda nice.. I forgot if Cont. airlines had that all I remeber is just music that was over played the whole summer. On EL AL they had some 80`s and just a large mix of music. I love this selection of music becuause its not always heard and its nice to pass the time with music that u like and try to aviod the loud engines! I was just wondering if Delta or United had anything like this. Radio station broadcasting live its very cool I like the idea.