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How Safe Are Our Smaller Airports?

Thu Jan 06, 2000 3:19 am

They are pretty safe in the sense that they really don't have a whole lot of security because they don't have the large volume of people moving through as do the major airports. What I mean to say is, how safe is it to fly in and around these airports.

You would think that because the amount of planes flying in/out is smaller that you really don't have the problem, but the thing is, because less is happening controllers aren't paying much attention and incidents do get pretty close. For example at YAV(just 8 miles north of YWG) there have been a couple instances when planes were landing while one was just taking of, or almost "wingman flying" in the circuit.

More then you realize, incidents happen every day and just aren't publicised.

Another incident I can remember of was a King Air 200 was coming in for a landing at YTH and the pilot noticed a bag at the side of the runway. As he got closer it resembled a dog and started moving onto the runway, just as he was touching down he realized it was a kid! He put on the brakes and reverse thrust(which scared the kid away). The thing was, on one side of the runway was a school, on the other side was the indian reserve so the kids were just crossing the runway to get to school. HOW SAFE IS THAT.

What are your opinions?