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How Is Aviacsa Service?

Wed Nov 12, 2003 2:11 am


I just booked a flight from Miami to Mexico City via Monterrey on Aviacsa. I would like to know from any of you guys who have flown on this airline how is their service and any other information regarding Aviacsa.

Thank you
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RE: How Is Aviacsa Service?

Wed Nov 12, 2003 3:19 am

Well aviacsa is a good airline. They don't have a first class, so it feels like your in a tin can. Especially when its a full flight. Most planes are comfortable and secure. They serve you good food and the people are always friendly.

I've traveled with them before and I would recommend it.

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RE: How Is Aviacsa Service?

Wed Nov 12, 2003 3:40 am

Aviacsa is not bad at all.
Expect to receive the same service (or even better) than in any other of the Major Carriers in US.
Aviacsa airplanes are old, but not as old as some NW.

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RE: How Is Aviacsa Service?

Wed Nov 12, 2003 5:04 am

Aviacsa is a good cheap/old/nice airline, but why would you go all the way to MTY to go to MX), Mexico">MEX. Maybe their price but AA,AM,MX fly direct!, besides for sure you will fly in a airplane that is maybe twice as old as the others. Doesnt that concern you? it would for me!

Here in mexico we have a saying "LO BARATO SALE CARO"
Take care, and enjoy flying a Mexican Airline, for sure its better than most US carriers.


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